Strive for “Etalon”

“ETALON” Reinforced Concrete Construction Plant in Kharkiv


Quality of the construction material is the most important for any construction activity. Choosing a reliable and responsible supplier is the most challenging part of the process.

For ETALON Reinforced Concrete Construction Plant in Kharkiv, your interests are of top priority.

“Etalon” plant produces reinforced concrete in compliance with the GOST standards. New moulds ensure the proper geometry of our commercial products.

Our Quality Assurance Department inspects the finished products in cooperation with the laboratory for the conformity in terms of the strength, geometric proportions and appearance.

We guarantee accurate production time for your products.

“ETALON” Reinforced Concrete Construction Plant provides the complete production cycle:

  • Production, delivery and erection of reinforced concrete structures.
  • Production of reinforced concrete products based on individual drawings.
  • Cutting of reinforced concrete slabs.
  • Commodity concrete and cement grout including delivery.
  • Crushed stone and sand of various fractions including delivery.
  • Rounded aggregate, expanded clay, granite screening dust and fertile soil including delivery.
  • Disposal of construction waste.
  • Dump-trucks and bed trucks, excavators and truck cranes services.
  • Manipulator services (body length 12 m, boom load capacity 4 tons.
  • Transport and warehouse logistics.